Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Life in the Slow Lane

As I get older my body betrays me, every year on my birthday I get the present of 5-10 additional pounds, without fail.  There have been times when the weight gain has literally seemed to appear on the actual day, which seems a little sketchy.

Normally I am fairly active. I walk alot, preferring it to driving for distances of up to a mile... depending on my need to transport stuff too and fro. However, work has trapped me in a confined geographic space, setting me at a desk for upwards of 12 hours a day, six and seven days a week. Though I have access to a gym, I find I lack the energy.

As the alternative to destroying my health is to live under a bridge, I survive.

As noted in an earlier post, a part of this blog, a small part, is to work on becoming the Perfected Man. I find that announcing my successes and failures, publicly, keeps me from cheating.

So, last night I did two sets of 30 military push ups, part of a program I started two weeks ago but slacked off on after only four days.  I should have done a set this morning, aiming for 35, with a goal of four sets a day, so my first set will be at lunchtime instead.

Tonight I will go weigh myself. A month and a half ago I was 246 pounds, and I can no longer pretend I am not getting fat.  I cut out of my diet the 42 oz. of chocolate soymilk and half the deserts, and for a while I quit the three to four bottles of Starbucks Mocha Frappuchinos, but as the month has worn on I've started the coffee again, and I have had too many snicker's bars, so I have little hope of seeing a month and a half of progress on the weight.

That is my shame.

My goal is simple, but not easy: Slim down to 205-210, then bulk up (add muscle) back to 235. I'm not to worried about my body-fat, normally, I feel no desire to 'rock the six pack', but the soft blobby self I see now irritates me.  I believe I can do this before the new year, or at least the first part.  I will have to work much harder.

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